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Finding Duplicates - Dedupe system - Free Download

ms access dedupe free download

If you need to find duplicate records in a file (mdb,xls, csv, txt) you can download our free version of MS Access database which finds and removes duplicate records. It's working with mdb, xls, txt, csv files. The system performs intelligent searching which means that ignores punctuation. For example if the address field contains 2 records, one - "1/122 Swanston Street" and another - "Unit 1 Swanston Street" , it will find the duplications.

The system can be used for a broad spectrum of applications and industries, such as marketing and mailing, database/CRM migration, and data warehousing. It's simple and easy to customise. The system allows to select fields to compare. The duplications will be displayed in a separate window (View Results button) and users can go through the list and select which duplicates to remove. Finally it assembles the ouput csv file.

It's written in MS Access 2003.



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