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MS Access 2007-2010 not responding when opening a table

Working on a one of my MS Access database I realised that I could not open some tables in datasheet view. It would only work if I first click on design and then datasheet view. The tables did not contained a large amount of data, but MS Access still took ages to open them or just stuck in Not respond state. I could not find any relevant topics on the Internet. But then one of my colleges suggested that the issue is related to the finger print device. Once we disabled the finger print device it all worked with no problems. Please see the steps below on how to disable a finger print device:

  • Click Start
  • In Search box type msconfig and click to run it
  • Go to Services and find the service you want to stop (DPAgent.exe or Biometric Authentification)
  • Disable the service and restart your computer







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