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" is not a valid name error - MS Access 2007 bug

I was working on one of my MS Access database fixing final bugs for a client. One of the requirement was to modify a report with was based on a query. Suddenly I realised that I can not open the query and I was getting " is not a valid name error. Everything was working before. I also realised that I can´t open quite a few queries. After my research I found that it's a MS Access bug. It happens if you have linked tables and the query is based on more than one table. The most importantly, the linked table´s location was pointed to a folder which contains an apostrophe. So I moved the database to a new location and tried to relink the tables. But it did not work as I could not delete any tables due to the same error. The only way was to create a new database and link/import all the required objects. It all worked after.










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